Skills Provision is an online venture that provide employment solutions to Europe and beyond.

Our main aim is to build virtual pipelines that import and export labour into and out of Europe, whilst at the same time internally supporting member states.

The Group is nurtured and led by Christopher Slay, an extraordinary entrepreneur who has a wealth of experience in corporate banking and the food production industry. Today he is heavily involved in Skills Provision, as well as a medical consortium that has recently secured multi-billion pounds of funding from the British government, added to that he is involved in an innovative agricultural programme that could dramatically change the farming industry on a global scale.

Having strong leadership is only part of developing a successful Group, the personal qualities of the whole team and the systems used are major factors. Here Skills Provision stands head and shoulders above the competition. All members of staff are highly skilled and very motivated, their work is supplemented by the best-in-class innovative technical systems.

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