Sourcing large numbers of European workers is not a simple task, not if you operate as we do, that being, every placed person needs to be capable of delivering when they commence their new job.

At Skills Provision Europe we focus on the quality of the recruitment process not the fees we may or may not receive. This is why we do not accept all large number undertakings. If the salary or package is not deemed to be fair and reasonable, we will not start.

Most projects requiring large numbers need people with the same skills or aptitude. In areas where global shortages exist, for example, care, we are often forced to trawl outside of Europe.

The success of a task can be retrospectively measured by manpower churn, those leaving a position earlier than expected. Our specific aim on all tasks is to reduce churn, therefore saving a client time and money.

As with all undertakings the starting point is to receive and analyse a job description, this will provide our specialists with all the necessary detail they require.

If you would like to discuss our European large number recruitment service, simply contact us via:

All enquiries are dealt with in a professional and confidential manner.

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