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About us

European Employment Network

Skills Provision offer employment support to European companies and job seekers.

Our best-in-class recruitment systems thoroughly appraise candidate applications until only the most suitable are left, these are then placed into our bespoke Client Zone. Our trawls are not restricted by national boundaries. We focus heavily on suitability, not nationality or location.

We offer a range of contracts that cover all areas of employment.

If you are considering our services, please contact our Support Team and request a visual demonstration of our innovative, technical systems. We are sure you will be impressed.

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Support Highlights:

  • Manpower pipelines from other regions
  • Export facility to international locations
  • Free 30-day replacement policy
  • Covering all areas of the Euro Zone
  • Bespoke technical recruitment systems

Benefits of European Manpower:

  • Highly skilled
  • Flexible nature
  • Self-motivated
  • Reliable
  • Team players

Internal Systems:

  • Popular job board
  • Large database of employment profiles
  • Precise application filtering system
  • Automated matching system
  • Bespoke Client Zone

Top 5 Supported Sectors:

  • Healthcare
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Construction
  • Logistical

Trusted By

  • Capegemini
  • View Media
  • Technoline
  • Norish
  • Munster
  • keohanereadymix
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