The construction industry in Europe is a dominant sector. In the coming years change is expected to occur as sustainable buildings become more popular.

Skills Provision is perfectly positioned to assist European companies through the supply of suitably skilled labour.

Skill shortages do exist in the construction industry, a problem that will not ease anytime soon. This means those that require the best available manpower need to take proactive steps. Increasing hourly rates is all well and good but if the workers are simply not available it may be a tactic doomed to failure.

Our European clients benefit by having structured long-term plans in place, this assures them of a steady flow of manpower directly into their organisations.

We are not restricted by national boundaries; this means if needed we can import international labour in under employer sponsored visas, but planning is vital, and enough time needs to be given.

Our message is clear, if you are struggling for manpower put in place long-term strategic plans to guarantee workers are available when needed.

Skills Provision lead the way in technically driven employment solutions, if you doubt these words, contact our agency and request a demonstration, you will be impressed.

For more information on the support, we offer the European construction industry please contact our agency by using one of the following:

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