Construction Manager/Superintendent

I am currently available for work
" My educational qualifications and the immense wealth of knowledge and experience I gained by working in a multicultural work environment in remote locations and harsh environments, (temperature ranging from -57 degree Celsius to + 50 degree Celsius), for the last 25 years, has given me the ability and confidence to survive in any harsh environment. My leadership skills, organization skills, ability to gauge and resolve issues/conflicts, Coordination, interface and liaison skills assist me in carrying out the day-to-day task in a timely and efficient manner. My knowledge in all aspects of a project right from conception to operation, ability to multitask, friendly and professional nature and a positive attitude towards work and life has been recognized in my previous assignments leading to longevity and promotions. "
Serial No: 120475

Skills keywords: construction management, construction site management, construction supervision, industry construction, project construction manager
List Of Qualifications:

1.Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering.
2.Advance Diploma in Industrial Safety.
3.Diploma in Fire Engineering.
4.Diploma in Civil Engineering.

Interests & Hobbies:

1.To visit new countries and keen to know about the cultures.
2.I am an avid sportsmen and follow football, cricket tennis and other sports.
3.Like to be with my family in off periods spending time with them.

Previous Employment Details:

1.My recent employment was in Russia (Artic Circle) working as Construction Manager. The assignment was a greenfield mining construction project. The scope was to manage a project team (2000 personals including subcontractors), manage multidiscipline construction and commissioning works, coordinate and liaise with all stakeholders, schedule and ensure compliance to schedule in line with project policy, specification and standards. The project duration was from January 2020 to December 2022, and the name of the company was Baimskaya GDK.
2. Prior to coming to Russia, I was employed by Sierra Rutile in Sierra Leone as Construction Manager/Project Engineer. The duration of this employment was from March 2017 to December 2019. This project was a brownfield mining project, (included two projects Gangama and Lanti), and the scope was to manage the project team and multidiscipline works. The project team consisted of 800 personals and the expansion works included to provide inputs to engineering department, reply to technical queries, coordinate and liaise with all stakeholders, schedule and complete the project in accordance with project timeline and budget.The functional duties included to ascertain the works are completed as per Project Safety and QA/QC standards.
3. I also worked in Kazakhstan before moving to Sierra Leone in the position of Construction Manager. The job duration was from April 2012 to December 2016. I was responsible for the construction of Sulphide and Clay plant. The work responsibility was to lead and manage the project team to complete the project in compliance with safety regulations and quality standards. The responsibility also included to schedule the projects, raise scope of work for additional works, assist the contract team in drafting contracts, approving the invoices of the contractors and coordinate/interface with all stakeholders including third parties. Ensure all materials are procured and mobilized to site prior to their requirement, provide technical support and solutions, Mentor the project team and fulfill all additional tasks as required by the top management.
4. I have also worked in Angola, Mongolia, Kuwait and India in my career in construction spanning 25 years.

Current location: Kerala, India
Nationality: Indian
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Oil, Gas and Energy, Construction, other
Spoken languages: Arabic, english, Hindi, Malayalam, marathi, Russia., Tamil, Urdu
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere