In the coming years, the European energy sector will undergo transitional change.

In 2016 the European Union signed the Paris Agreement and as such pledged to reduce emission gases as well as working towards a greener planet. The implementation of the Agreement is going to dramatically change the energy sector.

Skills Provision is perfectly positioned to support European companies, we can do this by providing suitably skilled manpower. Our large inventory of available workers, combined with the best in-class recruitment systems make us the perfect choice.

On all long-term projects, strategic planning is vitally important, there is no point any company going to an agency requesting 100’s of specialists, expecting them to be delivered in a few weeks, it is not possible. We work with companies on their manpower plans, so they are well positioned for the future, it is a task we are exceptionally good at.

Whatever the need, be that individual workers/managers or large teams, we have the infrastructure and experience in place to deliver.

Europe has a vision to be dominant player in the green energy transition, however, only by selecting the right manpower at the right time will this vision be realised.

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