The global healthcare sector is in a poor state, this includes Europe.

There is no point glossing over the subject, manpower problems exist across the whole industry. Many of these issues are related to the global pandemic but there are some legacy issues.

The main problem stems from the physical and mental rigours of the work mixed with poor pay and allowances. When these issues go on unchecked for decades recruitment problems naturally arise.

Skills Provision is active in the European healthcare sector, thankfully we have been able to source suitable staff, but it has not been easy. Our message to employers is clear, if you need manpower, you must contact us at the earliest opportunity.

When large numbers of workers are needed, we put various import pipelines in place, some of these will require specific documentation, naturally this slows down the whole process, hence we request as much time as possible.

Those struggling to hire need to consider the salary on offer, here our specialists are on-hand to assist.

Our recruitment systems are revered throughout the entire industry, to understand why please request a full demonstration.

If you would like more information on the services we offer to Europe’s healthcare sector, please contact us via:

Note all enquires are dealt with in a prompt, professional and confidential manner.

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