Latvian Recruitment Agency

Skills Provision is a dedicated Latvian recruitment agency.


Regions covered include:

  • Kurzeme
  • Zemgale
  • Latgale
  • Vidzeme

In 1990 Latvia gained independence from the Soviet Union, in a short space of time the country moved away from communism and started integrating into mainland Europe. In 2012 Skills Provision started placing Latvian nationals into the global marketplace. Chris Slay, the Managing Director of Skills Provision states. “Whilst Latvian workers are relatively new to our database, they do process a wide range of skills. The workers we have placed are certainly hard-working and integrate well into the workplace, feedback received from clients is generally of a positive nature.

At this moment in time the availability of skilled and un-skilled Latvian workers is high, however the numbers are decreasing. Employers searching for specific manpower should not delay in making an enquiry.

Skills Provision utilise modern technology to bring employers and job seekers a powerful system for international recruitment. Being at the cutting-edge of delivery in regards to technological enhancements requires an experienced and dedicated team.

If you require skilled or un-skilled workers, you should consider contacting the UK’s leading Latvian recruitment agency, they can be reached by emailing, you will not be disappointed.