Slovenian Employment Agency

On the 1st May 2004 Slovenia joined the European Union. Following on from that, on the 1st Jan 2007 the country also joined the EMU (Economic Monetary Union).

Seasonal Workers

In 2009 Skills Provision started a Slovenian employment agency. The aim for this department was to offer international opportunities to the local population, whilst at the same time, providing internal support to local businesses.

From 2009 to the present day our Slovenian employment agency has gone from strength to strength. We have placed many people into international jobs and provided manpower support for local businesses. Our ethos is one of placing the right people into the right jobs, regardless of their nationality or location.

Job Seekers

If you would like to join our growing database of available manpower all searching for an international job, please register here.

When filling out the application form please take your time as accuracy will have a bearing on being selected by employer or hirer. We also advise the upload a suitable portrait image and an up to date CV/resume.

Our Employment Profiles are widely viewed online, they offer Slovenian job seekers the opportunity to be professionally seen.


If you have an urgent requirement for manpower all we need is a detailed job description. This document will allow us to produce an official quote and provide placement and sourcing details.

For more information on our Slovenian employment services, please contact us at the earliest opportunity. You can do so by emailing

Please note, all enquiries are dealt with in a prompt, professional and confidential manner.