Skills Provision Europe support the manufacturing sector in multiple ways:


Manufacturing worker


  1. Sourcing European or international labour for companies
  2. Supplying international companies with specialist workers from within Europe.

In Europe manufacturing sectors go through cyclical change, these can be regional or product related. Manpower naturally migrates to where the best opportunities are, this demographical information is useful for our team.

Our Group hold a large inventory of available manufacturing workers, this is the perfect starting point when taking on a new task.

Within Europe there is the free movement of workers, however visas may be needed if:

  • European workers are selected for international placements
  • International workers are selected by European companies

The aim for our organisation is to assist the employer with recruitment related matters. By sourcing the best available talent for any given position, we not only do our job, but we reduce the cost of recruitment.

Why not ask our team for a demonstration? Our technically driven services are innovative and refreshingly transparent, we are sure you will be impressed.

If you would like further information on our manufacturing recruitment services, please contact us via:

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